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Chapter 1

modules. After introduction of CIGS modules at IKEA shops in the UK, they decided
in October 2014 to also start sales in the Netherlands [7] In the near future, the sales
of flexible modules can also add to their market potential due to their limited weight
and flexible nature. This for example allows integration in clothing and tents, or their
installation on large building that cannot support heavy loads..
Nevertheless, challenges for the optimisation of CIGS modules still exist before they
can become a competitive technology for the large scale electricity production. These
challenges include the minimisation of their manufacturing costs, the maximisation
of their power output and the improvement of their lifetime.

1.3 CIGS solar cells structure
The CIGS solar cells with a thickness of a only 3-5 micrometres consist of at least five
individual layers:, but a large number of variations of stack sequences exist between
research institutes and companies. Figure 1.6 shows the cross-section of a typical un-
encapsulated CIGS solar cells as well as the typical thicknesses of the layers. This 'stan -
dard' stack sequence is used in this thesis.

Figure 1.6:
Typical build-up of a CIGS solar cell

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