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Dit proefschrift is goedgekeurd door de promotor:
Prof. dr. M. Zeman

Dr. Z.A.E.P. Vroon
Dr. N. Barreau

Samenstelling promotiecommissie:
Rector Magnificus voorzitter
Prof. dr. M. Zeman Technische Universiteit Delft, promotor
Dr. Z.A.E.P. Vroon TNO, Hogeschool Zuyd, copromotor
Dr. N. Barreau Université de Nantes, Frankrijk, copromotor

Onafhankelijke leden:
Prof. dr. J. Schmitz Universiteit Twente
Prof. dr. W.A. Groen Technische Universiteit Delft, Holst Centre
Dr. D.F.C. Lincot IRDEP, Frankrijk
Prof. dr. A.W. Weeber Technische Universiteit Delft

This study was carried out under project number M71.9.10401 in the framework of the
Research Program of the Materials innovation institute M2i ( Further finan -
cial support came from TNOs’ Enabling Technology Program Materials Technology.

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Illustrations titlepages: Cécile Verleg -

Cover photograph: Mirjam Theelen
Molybdenum under a light microscope (unmodified picture)

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ISBN: 978-94-6259-348-0

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